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life after a tour

Dearest Gerwood,

I hope you’re well. It’s been some time since we’ve spoken and a lie would be to say that I have not missed your company. You have been sorely missed.

The return to ordinary life following the tour has been painful – and I say this without doubt or melodrama – but simply in the purity of honest words. The weather in Sydney has been, on the most part, raining. Work has been busy and perpetual and my bottom has too long been far from the sweet caress of a saddle. Ah – but sadly such is life.

However, I have not despaired. Plans have begun for another trip, and I will shortly make a request to my employers for at least a month off work to explore the world on two wheels. But I’ll tell you more of this when I have firmed up my plans.

I also intend to ride to work sometimes – guaranteeing at least three hours of riding a day, sometimes during the week. However this has been a bit more difficult than expected. The ride I would use for this is the Cell SS300, fitted with flat pedals, Shimano Tiagra shifters (which really are just a pile of you-know-what) and flat bars. Flat bars are no longer my favourite, and I would prefer these to be curved – but the thought of changing the bars rather than saving for a Brompton is repulsive to me.

As life is life, and difficult, I soon discovered that the SS300 frame did not have rack inserts. After a quick search on the internet I discovered that this problem can easily be solved with the use of P-clips:

A very simple piece of hardware that can be used to screw the rack onto the frame. My first mistake was thinking that this would be simple – however after going to two hardware stores in my lunch break I discovered that nowhere in Sydney city can you buy any kind of hardware and that there are no longer any real men in Sydney. Just hipsters and poor excuses.

On the weekend I took the opportunity to go to Bunnings where lowest prices are just the beginning, because they don’t have range of stock that include p-clips.

Also, dear, I was almost at a lose. Ready to give up and carry all my wares on my bike (which I usually do one short rides) – when I remembered, once again, that there’s a thing called the internet. So it took a whole week, and a late Monday night before I had ordered a pack of ten p-clips, which are now being shipped.

Shortly I will be able to attach the rack to the bike and then I will be free to live my dreams of riding.